• Tour Packages Available

    Tour Packages Available

    • Choose from one of our scheduled Brew Tour Events below.
    • OR Customize your tour (Let’s just “wing it”): For those folks that are just happy to be off work and are up for anything, we allow you to visit with your host on the way to the first brew pub and plan your 6 hours of fun right there on the spot. She will provide you with a map, some recommendations, and you take it from there.

    Reserve a Custom Tour

St. Patty's Irish Green Beer Tour

To request a reservation for a limo simply click the "Make a Reservation" button. We will then contact you to finalize the details and schedule service for your event.

Our local micro-breweries brew up some amazing Irish brews -- and some tasty green ones, too!  Load up the crew and show St. Patrick some love!

Additional services available.



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