What’s The Fun Factor?

If you have never been on a brewpub tour, get ready for the time of your life! Every single one is different. You will most likely be paired with other couples who are celebrating something. Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties and family reunions are just some of the reasons that our tours are so popular. You will also get a chance to meet the owners and managers of some of the local brew pubs and hear their amazing stories of success. Plus have a chance to sample what is new and not yet "released to the general public." They would welcome your feedback, positive or negative. Plus, there will be AMAZING food for you to sample in the limousines throughout the tour. We are constantly changing our menu since the breweries are constantly changing their beer selections. Your stomach will always be full, and this will negate the need for lunch or dinner. Trust us, you will NOT leave hungry. Tammy’s Catering will provide some of the selections that are shown here below:

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