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Bachelorette Parties!

 Are you the Maid of Honor responsible for planning the ULTIMATE BACHELORETTE party?

Check out:  http://www.weddingsalon.com/blog/index.php/2011/07/06/how-to-throw-the-best-bachelorette-party/ for some wonderful party planning information and ideas.

Club Hopper - $595

¨ 9pm-2am bar hopping—single pick-up and drop-off;

¨ Includes free entry to all Nightclubs and Bars from Denver Metro to Fort Collins;

¨ Includes bar stocked with ice, and your choice of three complimentary bottles of:  rum, vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, or champagne

Personalized Party Packages:

Let us help you organize a memorable Bachelorette Party!  Add any of the following options to a Club Hopper Package—or enjoy them all by themselves!

¨ Pole Parties—Have a great time, and learn some new tricks to keep the love-life exciting! 

¨ Shopping Extravaganza—Get your wedding shopping done in one day!

¨ Spa day**—Travel in style with your friends to and from the Spa of your choice.

All packages include:

¨ Sparkly Tiara for the bride-to-be;

¨ Party favors for the guests;

¨ Ice, bottled water, and name written on back window;

¨ Individual drop-offs—$50/person.




  Additional services available.  Does not include Driver Fee or Gratuity.

To request a reservation for a limo simply click the "Make a Reservation" button. We will then contact you to finalize the details and schedule service for your event.



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